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Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions for Vida Precast Ltd


These terms and conditions have been developed to clarify the expectations and performance requirements of both the supplier (Vida Precast Ltd) and the client to maximise speed, efficiency, and accuracy of the precast products ordered for the project.

All points from these terms and conditions unless otherwise amended and agreed in writing will be deemed to have been read and accepted by the client and will overrule all other contract documents sent to Vida Precast Ltd.

For further information, or if you require clarification on any points relating to this document, please feel welcome to contact us at any time.

Vida Precast Ltd Staff
  • Lead times
    Lead times depend very much on four key elements. One, the completeness of the design. This means the structural designer has all but completed the design of the precast elements and where we would expect very few changes. This leads in to the second element where the designs are comprehensive enough for our team to create your ‘shop drawings’. Three, the current nature of the construction program and mutual agreement between the parties around its validity. Three, the current schedule and workload in the manufacturing plant. Lead times can vary greatly being anywhere from four to twenty weeks depending on the complexity of the job.
  • Quality
    VIDA Precast adhere to the NZS3114:1987 Specification for concrete Surface finishes. This standard outlines the minimum standard of finishes. Generally, we specify a finish of F5/U3 (See Table 1 & 2 in the Standard) unless noted otherwise. Proudly our team strives to deliver a much higher standard of finish. The Standard can be downloaded for free here:
  • Dimensional Tolerance
    The accuracy of a panel in terms of flatness, squareness, true, dimensional are critical to efficient and effective installation and to the improvement of overall project constructability. VIDA proudly maintains and internal standard for accuracy of 1-3mm in any direction. For details of minimum standards please see here (link to the other sheet I sent you, load that with the T & C’s).
  • Do you do design build?
    Yes, VIDA can organise all aspects of a project on your behalf. From idea and conception to full delivery we can assist you all the way from partial inputs to complete ‘turnkey’ projects.
  • Do you do Agricultural type precast?
    Yes, VIDA has operated in the agricultural sector for many years construction everything from Cattle Yards to Effluent Tanks.
  • Are you qualified engineers?
    No, VIDA nor any of its staff are qualified engineers. Where necessary VIDA engages appropriately certified people to assist us.
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